Bella Clava is a hard hitting rock-and-roll experience based out of Toronto. Since their inception, they have represented the unparalleled energy, charisma and true spirit of dirty rock and roll. This is what their new album, entitled Medicine for Melancholy, is all about. Embracing dark, haunting melodies and reflecting them through a prism of psychedelic tones and soundscapes. Medicine for Melancholy takes you on a wild ride. Drawing on the strength of genre crossing dynamism, and high energy hard rock spirit, this album promises to draw a line in the sand.Recorded live-off-the-floor at the legendary Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, California with Mathias Schneeberger, engineer and producer to the likes of The Twilight Singers, Fatso Jetson, The Gutter Twins and Fu Manchu, this record is a bundle of focused aggression and musicality. With Medicine for Melancholy, Bella Clava channels the raw spirit of 90s alternative rock while squeezing every iota of strength from their heavy classic rock forebears. Bella Clava is in a fight for the life of hard hitting music everywhere. Bella Clava is Caitlin Dacey (keys, organ, guitar, vocals) Steve Suttie (guitar, vocals) Jody Brumell (drums, vocals) and Scott Hannigan (bass, vocals).