3 Second Rule.

Well, we loved this video so much, we had to name this entry after it.  Now you can enjoy it too, thanks to the inter-space-net ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Sb14dyaUc  Hurry back to read about this EXCITING news…………..

We’re back to the Bovine this Friday night !!  We’re playing The Reed Effect’s CD release party and it’s also a celebration of Corey’s 27 years of adequate eating/sleeping/breathing to sustain himself !  We are on at the witching hour (midnight).  Come early so you don’t miss our friends Charming Ruins, you will NOT regret it.  They will charm the pants off ya.

We’re also participating in a pretty rad event called “Fake Band Night”.  The event page says “All your favorite local rockers battling it out in fake bands formed by draw. One night only. Don’t miss this.”  This  will also take place at our beloved Bovine on May 19th.  Steve’s in a synth-pop band, Scottie’s in a Misfits-esque band and I (Caitlin) am in a Metal band called Phallaxy which totally kicks all of the other bands’ asses.  Just sayin’.

Question:  When is it the most fun to be a musician in Toronto?

Answer:  June 13th-17th….in other words….NXNE!  Why? Because you get to galavant around like a deliquint hooligan, enjoy killer bands from around the world and indulge in free food and beverages at the various schmoozfests !  You wanna come get into some trouble with us?  Find us at the Hideout on Friday June 15th.  We’re playing at 1 in the AM.


STAY TUNED for some fun tour-related news that will be happening this summer.