CMW and other ridonkulousness!

This was one helluva week.

Our boys from Cincinnati, Mad Anthony, arrived in TO on Monday and RAWKED the Bovine with Flash Lightnin’.  It was a double serving of dangerous and we brought our appetites.

Wednesday was World War Wicked at the Whore’s Shoe (better known as the Horseshoe, but this looks cooler).  We were thrilled to play the legendary venue’s kick-off to CMW party and were immediately excited by the turn-out….in our experience, week nights (aka school nights) at 9:30 can be a tough draw…but the gods were smiling on us that fine evening.  Despite sweatin’ like Rob Ford on stage, the set felt like a million bucks.  Read all ’bout it here and here .

We were lookin’ for more trouble, so we crashed Cherry Cola’s and caught Mad Anthony in the act…of setting the place ablaze.  They’re not just arses who arse around, but actual arsonists.  (By “arse around”, please see the photo below taken in our washroom ) In all seriousness, they are one hot band.  If you missed them during their brief stay, you should be slapped.

We were so happy to be reuinted with our dear friends and were excited to show the boys a good time in Toronto.  While in Ohio and Kentucky, the MA boys, along with our other Cinci boyfriends, Banderas , showed us a great time and we wanted to return the favour.  We wanted to make sure they caught some quality music while in our neck of the woods, so we took ‘em to see  Emma-Lee  at the Drake and then Happy Endings at the Bovine.  An excellent finale to a wonderful visit.  We miss’em already.

Saturday night we brought the Schwing to the Shwa.  We played the Atria for oh-so-rockin’ band The Bone Devil ‘s release party.  This was a very entertaining and exciting show….it involved monster masks, balaclavas, neon glow tubes and an impromptu jam session with a brass section.  A killer two-piece, The Watershed Hour and an insanely good band called Fishead Phil rocked our socks off.  We had such a good time, we didn’t want to leave….but we had to , cause we were runnin’ on fumes.

Now we’re nursin’ colds and sore throats…neo citron and echinacea cocktails galore!We’re getting revved up for this weekend cause we’re playing the Phog Lounge in Windsor on Saturday with ASK and Tyres!  We’re stoOoOoOoOoked! Watch out Windsor.

they called this one "band practise in Bella Clava's washroom"

Our definition of arsing around.