Desert Re-Cap and Happy New Year !

Happy New Year Bandits!

We hope that you had a happy holiday and that 2014 brings you much happiness and good luck.  Speaking of good luck, as you may know we had the privilege of recording at Rancho de la Luna at the end of last year and we look forward to releasing the finished album early this year.   We spent five days recording and the experience was nothing short of magical.  The mysterious and beautiful backdrop of the legendary studio was inspirational beyond our wildest dreams.  We were able to detach from our daily routines/lives and truly enjoy making music at a studio near and dear to our hearts.  We stayed in Hutch’s cabin where we hung out at night and  told ghost stories under the stars.  We highly recommend checking out Joshua Tree.  We took a road trip to LA and bar-hopped on the strip, which felt like we fell through a wormhole into the 1980s.  We are in the mixing/mastering phase and are getting some artwork done.  In the meantime, to keep you warm in these frigid temperatures, here are some photos from our trip to the desert.  You can view the entire album on our facebook page at