9 out of 10 Docs say this weekend’s gonna ROCK.

Barn Burner, Slow Learners and PENCIL-VANIA!

This weekend is going to be a hot-heavy MESS.  Friday night, we’re playing with Montreal Metal-heads Barn Burner and Vancouver’s Slow Learners (members of Ladyhawk) at the most legendary of all taverns…The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern(which I almost always misspell as Hores Shoe).  We’re damn excited to be on this darn bill.

It’s going to be such an aural assault, one Dr. even posted this warning on his blog :

“Friday night at the Horseshoe will cause inner ear nerves to become damaged and they will not properly transmit their signals to the brain. Those who attend this concert may complain that people seem to mumble or that they hear, but do not understand, what is being said.”

Sweet Jeezus!

If we’re not stone-deaf Saturday morning, we’ll be hittin’ the road for Harrisburg Pencil-Vania where we’ll be playing Double K Tavern as part of the Millenium Music Conference.  We’re looking forward to playing the You-Ess-of-EH again….Here’s a photo we snapped on tour in Chicago during a particularly patriotic moment :