Summer in Da City

Since NXNE we’ve been seeeeeeriously busy.  Lots of stuff to catch y’all up on.

So, you may be wondering…..who ended up winning the Bella Clava NXNE wristband contest??? Well, we had many many killer entries, but after pulling a name out of a balaclava (haha) we were stoked to announce that miss Katelyn Field of Bishops Quebec took the prize (see her photo in an ice castle below).  The rest of the entries were not only creative, some of them were “too hot for Facebook” and were removed by Big Brother himself.  Yes, that is correct….some x-rated pornographic images were entered.  Yikes!

As for our NXNE experience, it was stellar as usual.  Our boys, Mad Anthony, were in town and we all know that it’s impossible to spend a dull moment with those guys.  We had two great sets at the Bovine and The Hideout.  You can catch a glimpse of some of the action here :

To kick our summer into full gear, we had to get our butts on the road.  We love the road.  Even if sometimes it doesn’t love us (see flat tire).  Thank you to the good folks in Blind River for lending a helping hand :)  We called the mini-tour “The Gettin’ Down Up North Tour” and get down….we did indeed.  We hit Peddler’s Pub in Sudbury on Thursday night, then we had the honour of de-virginizing the stage at our friend Dane’s new bar, The Foundry, on Friday night.  Dane will always hold a special place in our hearts as he joined us on tour in Ireland back in 2009.  He’s the man.  See him belly-flop into Galway’s icey waters here:  On Saturday night, we partied like animals at Black Pirate’s Pub for the Bluesfest after-party extravaganza.  The whole weekend reminded us of how lucky we are to be from Thunder Bay.  It was Scottie’s first time up during the summer time and he got to enjoy the TBay tradition of swimming in the cascades.