Tour Highlight Reel and Zombies!

Zombie Apocalypse Party

Imagine hundreds of zombies chasing you throughout a 5km obstacle course that ends at a rock show.  This is what “Run For Your Lives” is all a-boot.  We had the pleasure of playing the “Apocalypse Party” this weekend and got an eyeful of the dead (and un-dead).

From dead to killer.  That’s right.  We can’t do this “blog” justice without mentioning our crazy Saturday Night Fever Extravaganza with Jojeto at the Mod Club earlier this month.  We “pre=heated” the stage for the boys to celebrate the release of their record, Chinatown.  Once the club was taken over by legit “clubbers”, we escaped to engage in some more hanky-panky.  Shit got crazy.  Batman showed up!


Batman showed up!

And NOW for the TOUR HIGHLIGHT REEL!  It’s been busy since we got back and time does fly… fact, we’re heading back to our dear Cinn City this weekend to play Midpoint Music Festival!  We can’t wait to see our friends, lovers and all who inhabit the great home of the Reds.  We plan on surfin’ Mad Anthony’s couch, so hopefully they’re not sick of us yet.  Swing by The Drinkery this Saturday night and say “HI”.  We love you.


And now for some photos that illustrate why we keep comin’ back to Ohio (and surrounding areas!) :

Being stereotypically Canadian in Dayton Ohio

Princess Leia X2 at Pop's Resale record store in Lexington


People shove our record down their pants

Mad Anthony and their epic drum kit



Cool decor at V-club in Huntington West Virginia


Over and out!