Win NXNE Wristbands and Bella Clava Swag!!

Do YOU like free shite?

Do YOU like music, movies, beer and total babes who dig groovy bands?

Then YOU should enter our fun contest to win 2 NXNE wristbands (valued at $50 each…+ HST!) plus a fresh’n hot copy of Holy Crow and a sexy T-shirt.

  • Guaranteed no cover at all NXNE club shows and film screenings
  • Access to the NXNE Record Show at the Hyatt Regency Toronto

HOLY CROW TUNES & TEE (Valued at one million dollars.)

  • It’s called HOLY CROW cause it’s gonna blow yer miiiiiind. Plus, you can blast it while you get all dolled up in your BRAND NEW T-SHIRT!!!  These tees are the bee’s knees.  You’ll be a total NXNE babe-magnet in this puppy. For the ladies or the gents.


  • Go to  Bella Clava on Facebook and click the “Like” button (because your “liking” us is crucial to our self-esteem).
  • Tag Bella Clava in a photo of yourself, your pet or someone you love in a balaclava.  Or just take a picture of something cool and tag us in it.  We can appreciate pretty much every creative endeavour.  Winners (and weiners) will be announced on Wednesday June 13th at 5pm….

Need some inspiration?  Ch-ch-check IT:

Oh my gawd.

This is the best.



Balaclava. The sensible, practical option.


If this doesn't give you nightmares, nothing will.